Season 2

Hi, Creepsters. Season 2 is quickly approaching launch (October 31). I have missed being in your head these many months, but alas, other projects were pulling me away. After wrapping Paranomal Apprentice, I’ve been working on the Monte Cristo Documentary and finishing my YA time travel novel (and in pre-production and development on several films).

Me in Australia filming The Monte Cristo Documentary.

But I heard you calling and I’m getting embarrassed when people ask me “when is the next episode???” So, here we go… adding another log on the creepy production fire!

Burning up second season!!!! 🔥☄️

What does second season hold for your creepy viewing pleasure??? Let me just confess to you that I have had one of the most creepy, bizarre years of my life in both my private and professional lives. I have experienced hauntings, hexes, and horror that I will share with you.

Haunted doll from Louisiana
Haunted dolls are 100% featured in season 2. This one I met personally in a haunted plantation in Louisiana.

I lived in my husband’s family members Victorian mansion in rural New York- very haunted and beautiful. It was certainly a time for reflection and inspiration which will sustain me for years to come creatively. I’ve shared some of my stories living in my haunted 1940’s house in Burbank, but that pales in comparison to an 1800’s home steeped in history and remnants of the past fighting to me remembered. What I have learned is that spirits don’t want to be forgotten.

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